Shaikh / Fayez Jamil Zagzoug

Chairman of the Board

Al Fouad group company is considered one of the most important companies in the domain of commerce and contracting that established in 1973. We are a leading contracting company on the local and regional scale, as the starting of the company was an important shifting point for us and for the other national companies as well, where the foreign companies were executing the construction works inside the kingdom.

Witch required from us more effort and continuous work on the personal and administrative level to elevate the company through the execution quality control, delivery time accuracy and full credibility with the client in the public and privet sector. And that was the main reason on what we have of continuous progress and prosperity for more than 7000 employees in more than 8 companies under the umbrella of Al Fouad group. As we all stand to thanks our government to her role in supporting the national companies and establishments in that period whether the moral or the material support to compete the foreign companies to be the nucleus of the national companies, and that achieved by means of the high support of the Saudi government.

And here I am, I see with my own eyes how Al Fouad company has evolved and became one of the biggest national companies in the domain of commerce and contracting.

About the group

Al Fouad group is a private Saudi company that located in Makkah and has many branches in the Kingdome. It is a diversified domains holding group leads affiliated companies through a tight strategic system based on excellent execution and financial reputation, As this reputation based on the power, safety and the high quality in make the appropriate and right decision on all the levels, such as the administrative, functional, internal and external levels as well as the organizational level which we present through it the highest provincial and international standards through the works, services and products. And they all linked to the principle of adhering to our main values (quality, innovation, value for money and competitive challenge).

Among the most important area in which Al Fouad Group invest are :
1- Middle East Engineering Consultancy Office
2- Al Fouad Contracting
3- Al Fouad Elevator and Escalator
4- Al Fouad Air Conditioning
5- Al Fouad Building Materials & Furniture
6- Al Fouad Safety System
7- Pharma Care
8- Granit

Human Resources

ALFOUAD acknowledges the importance of humen resorcses in the success of the company. therefore it motivates its employees to develop themselves by providing developing programs on the job.

ALFOUAD is considering the saudiziation more than a noble goal, it reflects our commitment as a national company to develop this generous country and its youth. As ALFOUAD always support the male and female youth through giving them a promising jobs and chance of success. Also,

ALFOUAD cooperates in supporting the national programs for saudiziation through hiring and training a big number of the saudi youth in cooperating with "Human Resources Development Fund" additional to the job opportunities inside and outside the kingdom.

Training and Development

Any corporate or company can achieve its goals if every employee did his job perfectly, and to be able to do that certainly they need a good training. That may needs many persons to be involved in the training process to define the corporate and individual needs or creat a customised training to fit these needs beside transferring and evaluating the effectiveness of this training.
Training is considered an strategic choice to any corporate looking for preparing human cadres that able to meet the job requirements and keep up the fast changes and developments that happen in the business field.

Training during the work is highly important which provides new skills and knowledge to the employee, or through discovering the best solutions of the problems that he probably face during his work practice which improves his performance and help him to avoid mistakes. Thus, he will reach to the required level to present the best service to the client.

Training at Al Fouad Holding Group is considered one of the human capital development channels that we utilize to upgrade the efficiency level of the employees as the modern concept of the training and development is considered an integral framework and strategic choice in human resources development that we seeking to achieve for facing the threats that matching the work changeable requirements as the training due to transferring the technical and the operational knowledge through a way that enables the employee to face any challenges imposed by the acceleration of knowledge in the work environment.

Alfouad Group Company

About Us

Al Fouad Holding Group is a private Saudi company with its headquarters located in the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah and has several branches throughout the Kingdom. It is a diversified holding group that leads its subsidiaries inside and outside the Kingdom through a tight strategic system based on an excellent financial and operational reputation, and this reputation is based on strength, safety and high quality in taking appropriate and correct decision-making at all levels, such as the administrative and functional level, internal and external relations as well as The organizational level at which we present the highest distinguished regional and international standards in terms of business, services and products. Commitment relates them to core values ​​(quality, reliability, innovation, value for money, feeling and competitive challenge).

Group Companies